Vessel Trilogy- Juliette Cross (Forged in Fire)

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Forged in Fire Review:

“Forged in Fire” is the first book in one of my favorite romance series. The premise is unique, well-constructed, and captivating.

The Story-
On Genevieve’s twentieth birthday, she begins to encounter some strange things. There is more to meet the eye than she knows, and sexy Jude will be the one to introduce her to a world she never knew existed.

My Thoughts-
The world-building in this book is top-notch, and I was immediately drawn into the story. Jude is one of my favorite heroes ever. I do not say that lightly. Genevieve starts a bit young, but grows throughout, as she is meant to. Secondary characters are well-developed and flesh out the world and story. This is an extremely smartly written book, and you should pay attention to everything. The story builds throughout the trilogy with amazing payoffs.

The Bottom Line-
This book and series are not typical. They build and connect like an excellent tv show. This is not a fluffy romance that is solved in one book, then we move on to another couple. Although I love those, I am so glad books and series like this exist where I can immerse myself in a world and mystery and see a romance grow. This entire series is totally a must, and this book is a great intro to this wild ride!

Sealed in Sin Review-

Sealed in Sin is the second book in the Vessel Trilogy, and I suggest strongly that you read these in order. The first book is a great introduction to the world and the characters. This one is where things get twisty, the characters get more complex, and the pace starts flying. I seriously read this one as fast as I possibly could, and I happened to be on vacation in France at the time. Yep, I took time away from my gorgeous vacation in France to race through this book. I actually finished this under an old windmill by a stream, but I digress… The point is, this book brings the series to epic territory.

My Thoughts-
I’m skipping the story part of this review because I don’t want to give away any spoilers. If you are stumbling upon this review without having read the first book, you need to know: there are angels, there are demons: think Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series, but not quite as dark and hopeless.
The best part of this book is the surprises and secrets which are uncovered as well as the growth of the characters. The heat factor is also raised in this book, and it has one of my fave sexual tension scenes in any book which made me feel like it was written specifically for me because I am such a musical theater geek. Yes, The Phantom of the Opera is hot. Ok, see? I can’t continue without giving away major plot points, but I will say that if you have no desire to immediately read book 3 upon completion of book 2, I worry for your soul.

Bottom Line-
Step 1: Buy all 3 for .99 each right now!
Step 2: Read book 1
Step 3: You will figure out the rest, but don’t forget to eat and sleep.

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Forged in Fire –
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Bound in Black – (less)

Bound in Black- Review

Bound in Black is the third book in Cross’s Vessel Trilogy and is an extremely fitting end to this amazing series. I recommend reading this series in order as there are many references and plot twists that payoff throughout this book. I liken it to the same feeling you get when you read the final Harry Potter book.

The Story-
I’m not going to give away too much, but Genevieve has been through quite a journey since book 1, and this book is where the entire battle between good and evil comes to a head. And it is thrilling!

My Thoughts-
I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this series. The hero is one of my absolute favorite hero in any romance ever. I can’t exactly explain why, but he is perfectly written for my tastes: dark and brooding, but sarcastic, yet protective, hot as hell… yum. The twists and reveals of this book are so juicy that I found myself just smiling broadly or exclaiming “oh man! I can’t believe she brought THAT back in!” Yes, it’s that kind of book. So much fun to read, and you are sad when it’s over.

Bottom Line-
If you are, indeed, sad when it’s over, know that Ms. Cross just signed a contract for a spin-off series which follows other characters from the Vessel Trilogy. I am so excited that there is more to come in this world, and I cannot wait to read it! 5 stars

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