Every Christmas Has A Story- Hallmark Movie Review and Challenge


Aunt Becky is back! Lori Loughlin was perfect as a news anchor back when she was Aunt Becky on Full House, and she is back to her old job in the newest Hallmark Christmas movie.  “Every Christmas Has a Story” is one of those movies that, although they are full of tried and true tropes, is still fun.

The Story-

Kate is a news anchor of a morning talk show who happens to work with her ex from college, Jack. A microphone mistake at the end of a broadcast leads to Kate exclaiming for all the world to hear that she “doesn’t really like Christmas”.  Of course, viewers protest, advertisers threaten to pull, and Kate needs to fix her image or be fired.  Coming to the rescue is the (fake) town of Hollyvale, North Dakota.  (I lived in North Dakota for 5 years, so there is no fooling me about what is and isn’t in that state.) Kate is invited to Hollyvale to find her Christmas spirit because they are just bursting with it.  Of course, her ex-boyfriend and producer must go as well.

My Thoughts-

When people in these things don’t like Christmas, the reasons and believability of said dislike range. I must say, I didn’t really buy Kate’s reason and her reaction when things begin to turn.  I blame the writing more than Loughlin, but relationships and character development are what is lacking in this movie.  Silly mysteries and odd town characters are a focus (stop trying to do Gilmore Girls in a 2 hour movie! The reason that worked is that we got to know and love those people and that town!).  I hated that we barely got to know Jack and what was going on in his head. Again, the acting is not the problem: the story is. I thought Loughlin’s daughter as Mia was great and funny.

Christmas Satisfaction-

Christmas is the focus of this movie, not just an afterthought.  There are no magical or supernatural elements at work here, just sweet, home-town Christmas in a place that defines quaint.  Kate participates in a variety of Christmas activities to “win her over”, and Jack dresses up as an elf. So, there’s that.

The Bottom Line-

I have a feeling this movie is going to land somewhere in the middle of the pack of all the Hallmark Christmas movies this year. Fun, but not much true emotion. Nothing too different or intriguing. Will you enjoy watching it as you put up your tree? Yes. 3 ½ stars

Challenge- This was movie #4 this year! Is anyone still with me? What has been your favorite one so far?

8 thoughts on “Every Christmas Has A Story- Hallmark Movie Review and Challenge

  1. You are totally right about North Dakota. It was actually filmed in Vancouver BC. I’ve never seen the Northern Lights in North Dakota.


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