A Perfect Christmas- Hallmark Movie Review and Challenge


“A Perfect Christmas” is Hallmark’s 3rd entry this year into their Countdown to Christmas promotion, and it is definitely a departure from the others. At the beginning when we are introduced to a cute couple who are shopping for a Christmas tree, I began trying to figure out who my couple that I would be rooting to get together were. My thought process went something like this… “The girl seems like a likely suspect: maybe the guy is a typical jerk boyfriend. Hmmm. Well, he doesn’t seem like a jerk; he’s kinda cute. What!?! They are married? Oh no! He’s gonna die, and she’s going to be a widow. That’s so sad. Wait. The story is continuing and no one is dead, and they are together… OH, this is not THAT kind of Christmas movie. Huh.”

The Story-

So, no. It isn’t about a cute couple getting together, but it is about an adorable newlywed couple who are experiencing a really tough Christmas. She is pregnant, and he is losing his job. And his overwhelming mom lost her luggage, and his brother’s family’s hotel reservation was cancelled, and her father’s camper broke down… Yep, this is that kind of story.

My Thoughts-

I don’t love this type of story. It usually makes me feel secondary stress for the couple until things finally work out. And the things working out usually takes so long to happen, that I spend an entire movie feeling secondary stress. And this movie didn’t even give me a love story to root for. The acting was fine; I feel sorry for these lovely young actors who were probably so excited to be cast in a Hallmark movie, only to find out that it was this one. To be fair, this is not a BAD movie. It just really isn’t my cup of tea. I need my Christmas movies to provide that happy, comfy feeling, to make me feel good about life and Christmas. This movie never really got there for me.

Christmas Satisfaction-

There is plenty here, but most feels contrived.  They have snowball fights, make gingerbread houses, open presents on Christmas Day, and visit a Christmas concert that they claim is amazing, but is not.  No supernatural wishes or Santa (other than a costume) in this one.

The Bottom Line-

If you like this kind of story, go for it! The acting is good. If not, watch many of the other great Christmas movies that are coming this season. 3 stars!

Challenge- 3 movies down! I hope the next one is better than this was. It features Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin for everyone who didn’t grow up on Full House), so I am hopeful!

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