The Cowboy Christmas Hero- Donna Grant


Today we are welcoming a new reviewer to the mix! Nicole is fairly new to romance and loves anything with a great story.

This is my first book by Donna Grant. This was short, cute, and followed the typical romantic line: two people with tragic backgrounds who don’t want to be healed and want to shut out the world for their self given responsibility.

The Story-

Abby is raising her younger brothers who are a handful. When one gets arrested for stealing cattle, she doesn’t know what to do next. Clayton is home to save his family’s ranch, but ends up making a deal that might save him too. 

My Thoughts-

The thing that kept me reading was the heroine’s relationship with her younger brothers. The girl had become a mother figure to the boys. Instead of the boys becoming resentful, they wanted to take over the role of protectors which I thought was sweet and wanted to see more of. However, enter the hero of the love story, and he becomes the physical male role model. At this point, I got tired of how everyone wanted to protect their female whether she was lover or sister. I get tired of too much me Tarzan you Jane stuff. Also, I understand this is Texas and I’m sure their weather patterns are just as sporadic as ours here, but who the hell would have sex on a picnic blanket the week before Christmas? It’s like there were plenty of jackets in the beginning of the book, it’s too cold to ride a horse without one, freezing rain at one point, and they are having sex outside completely naked. Pneumonia was not mentioned.

The Bottom Line-
I would read something else by this author, but maybe would skip the last two chapters just because the proposal and wedding were the least interesting parts of the story. On the other hand, I want to ride a horse now…or at least pet one. 3 1/2 stars

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