My One True Highlander

“My One True Highlander” by Suzanne Enoch is perfect catnip for lovers of the Scottish highlander subgenre of romance. I’ll admit it: I’m addicted to this genre.  There’s something inherently romantic to me about the Highlands and a kilt, a brogue and a tall Highlander. If you are like me, and enjoy these things along with a great, funny plot and a sassy heroine, you will totally enjoy this book as much as I did.

The Story- 

Marjorie was trained to be a lady’s maid or a governess, but when her brother is made a Duke due to distant family connections, she hopes to take her place among London society.  Unfortunately, society sees her as an impudent upstart and refuses to accept her.  Her brother’s recent marriage to a Scottish woman prompts her to travel to the Highlands for a visit and a respite from the cold, unfeeling people that are rejecting her. Graeme is a chieftan, unsure of how to placate the leader of his clan who wants to unseat the new English Duke in their region.  When his presumptuous younger brothers kidnap the Duke’s sister in an ill-conceived plan to win favor, he is in a bit of a bind.  But the Duke’s sister is not the fine, uppity lady he expected, and her situation becomes more complicated each day.

My Thoughts-

I’m having trouble deciding whether I enjoyed the plot or characters more for this one.  Graeme’s brothers and his relationship with them is refreshingly different from most secondary character plot devices used in romance.  They truly serve a purpose in the plot and provide depth to the story.  Marjorie is a great heroine, and I absolutely loved her backstory of not fitting in. It made her finding her place in the Highlands that much more satisfying. It also brought some humor to the situation as Graeme keeps being surprised by her. 

The Bottom Line-

This book is thoroughly enjoyable, but will especially please those readers like me who love to be transported to Scotland. It avoids common pitfalls and provides a fresh plot while satisfying with beloved tropes. I cannot wait to go back and read the first book in this series and look forward to those to come. 5 stars

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