The Scandalous Flirt- Olivia Drake

scandalous flirt

This is my first book by Olivia Drake and is the fourth in “Cinderella Sisterhood” series which is focused on fairy-tales. You don’t need to be familiar with the previous books to enjoy this one, and I found it a fast and fun read!

The Story-
Rory was cast out of society years ago when she was caught in the middle of a tryst with a man that she didn’t know was married. She’s been living quietly and happily with her aunt in the country. When a fairy godmother-type meddler remembers her and decides to gift her with some suspicious slippers, she is thrown back into the society which turned their back on her. Lucas remembers Rory. In fact, he had a hard time forgetting her all these years. But when that vivacious woman who captured his heart all that time ago shows up on his doorstep, everything will change.

My Thoughts-
I liked Rory and the plot, but I found the hero and the build of the romance to be slightly lacking. I didn’t entirely believe his feelings for her, and the romance just kinda happens in the midst of this mystery they are unraveling. I didn’t feel that wonderful “ooh, they have so much chemistry, how is this gonna unfold?” feeling that I do with really captivating romance. That being said, I enjoyed the mystery sub-plot. I found the reveals to be fun and suiting.

The Bottom Line-
I would read another book by Olivia Drake and would just hope for a more intriguing couple. I liked the heroine quite a bit, and obviously, Drake has a talent for weaving a tale. The fairy-tale retelling part of it is just enough to not hit you over the head with it and still be a fun “aha”. 4 stars

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