Third Son’s A Charm- Shana Galen


I’m sure you have experienced it: you are staring at pages that seem to never turn, rereading paragraphs, switching between books in hopes that something will click. It’s a reading slump, and it is where I was before I picked up this book. I have read Shana Galen before and enjoy her writing, so I figured I’d give this book a go. That evening, I got over halfway through the book, and I finished it quickly the next day. Slump defeated, and a wonderful book to recommend!

The Story:
Ewan is the muscle of a gambling hall, but his prestigious past as part of an elite task force in the Napoleonic Wars and the fact that he is the third son of an earl sets him apart from most men in his position. When he is offered the job of bodyguard for the daughter of a duke, he is not interested until he learns that he might have the chance to thwart the plans of his slimy cousin, Francis. Lorrie just wants to elope with Francis, but with her new bodyguard, it may prove impossible.

My Thoughts:
OMG. I LOVED this book. The hero is stoic, tortured, strong, just swoon…. I really loved him. Lorrie is delightful and entertaining without being annoying. She begins a bit immature, but grows up and listens to reason. There are no conflicts based on misunderstandings; the story flows so naturally and quickly. The antagonist is not some moustache-twirling man that shows up toward the end of the book, but is carefully built, and his decisions and actions are completely believable. I guess what I am saying is that this book is masterfully crafted. Pacing, character, setting, conflict: it all just works exactly right. Ok, yes, I am an English teacher in my day job, but I can assure you I was not thinking of these things as I was reading. It’s just that when it was over and I enjoyed it so much, I started trying to pick apart exactly what it was I thought did it for me, and it turned out to be everything. By the way, the sex scenes are also hot, perfectly-placed, and not rushed. Ok, rave almost over.

The Bottom Line:
I read a lot (A LOT) of Regency and historical romance, and this is my favorite one that I have read in at least 6 months. I plan on buying a hard copy to have; I enjoyed it that much. And while everything worked perfectly for me, I still cannot pinpoint why. Perhaps it is Ewan’s vulnerability; maybe it is that I see myself in Lorrie; maybe it’s that I loved the secondary love story that proves that second chances can pay off. Once in awhile, you come across a book that just clicks with you and makes you happy. This was that book for me. 5 HUGE stars!

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