Hallmark Christmas Movie Challenge AND “A Wish For Christmas” Review


“A Wish For Christmas” is the first Hallmark Christmas movie of the season! So, last year I got hooked on Hallmark Christmas movies. I watched most of them, including the ones from past years.  There was something comforting and happy about seeing a couple come together in that magical setting which usually involves snow, hot chocolate, and snuggly scarves. When I started this blog a few months ago, I had the idea to include Hallmark movies in my reviews and was especially looking forward to this Christmas season.  You see, I intend not only to watch all the new Hallmark Christmas movies this year… I plan to review them on this blog. With like 20 movies coming at me like snowballs, I figured I’d better get started. So here goes!

The Story-

Hallmark movie fave and staple, Lacey Chabert, is back as Sara: a shy girl who tends to allow people to treat her as a doormat.  After her jerk boss steals her idea, she makes a wish at a Christmas party to the “fake” Santa to be brave and to stand up for herself. You go girl! The wish is granted, and she takes the opportunity to let previously mentioned jerk boss know how unfair it was for him to treat her in that way. Hot big boss overhears, and offers to let her pitch the idea with him in Seattle to the client.

My Thoughts-

Lacey Chabert is totally reliable and perfect in these roles.  Although this wasn’t my favorite Chabert Hallmark movie (I would have a hard time choosing between All of My Heart and Matchmaker Santa), I thought she did a great job of showing the transition of someone who is learning to stand up for themselves.  Okay, that being said- can we talk about Paul Greene for a minute?!? To me, he is just the perfect sensitive, yet still manly, guy.  I fell for him back in “Anything for Love” with Erika Christensen as a male nurse whose best friend pretended he was a doctor on match.com (DVR that one people, it is so good.) He did not disappoint here; he just totally represents that good guy we all want. The story was a nice play on some familiar territory: I am a sucker for wishes that you get to see play out.  The end was a little bit rushed and not completely as fleshed out as I would have liked.

Christmas Satisfaction-

We got Santa, a wish, Christmas cookies, tree shopping, a Christmas party, and some nice scarves and hats.  The Santa stuff was well done (better than most), but some of the rest felt a little shoehorned in. Did this story HAVE to happen at Christmas? Well, the wish did, but the business stuff didn’t. But, the wish gave her the confidence to do the rest, so it works. I am sure I will see Christmas movies this year that are a bigger stretch for the holiday.

The Bottom Line-

If you are reading this, you have probably already seen this movie, or have plans to. And you should.  It is a perfect movie to cuddle up with a big blanket and pretend it isn’t 80 degrees outside. (Or is that just me in Louisiana?) I am definitely ready for some Christmas cookies after this one, and I am ready for more Hallmark Christmas movies. Bring it on!!! 4 stars

PS- If you would like to join me in my Hallmark Christmas movie challenge, I would love to hear your thoughts and keep track of the movies we watch. Please comment below!

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