Stars of Fortune- Nora Roberts


I love Nora Roberts.  I’ve read every single one of her trilogies and usually buy the new one as soon as it is available.  This one caught up to me as I’ve found so many other amazing authors to read.  Nonetheless, I knew that I would have to make time for Ms. Roberts’ newest trilogy, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The Story-

This one does have paranormal aspects in the form of “gods” which seem to come from the idea of Greek gods.  Since this takes place in Corfu, it works just fine.  This is the intro book for the series, so we meet all of the characters as well as the big bad, and are introduced to the problem/mythology surrounding our main 6 which will form our 3 couples.  This is Sasha and Bran’s story.  Sasha is a seer and artist who knows something is coming and follows her visions and intuition. Bran is an Irish sorcerer/witch who will fall for her.  Of course, everyone must meet, give background info, and come together for the first big fight/victory of the series.

My Thoughts-

I tend to like Nora’s first books in a series a great deal because I love seeing how she sets up the relationships and setting.  Her heroines always have jobs that most women would die for, and Sasha is no exception.  Who wouldn’t want to be an artist in the mountains?  This book had the added element of a foreign country with mythological origins, which adds some depth to the background.  I’ve been to Corfu, and there is something to Greece and its people which feels ancient and magical.  I wish that one of the six had a Greek background; I think it would have added to the mystique.  The second half of the novel didn’t go quite as fast for me as the first did, but I don’t get into the dark battles as much as the romance. (Which is why I tend to stick with her trilogies) That being said, I read the first half in the space of one slowly cooling bath…

The Bottom Line-

If you like Nora, reading this will feel like welcoming an old friend to dinner.  It is by no means one of my least favorite of the trilogies, but I don’t think it will rank up there with the Born In, Chesapeake Shores, Three Sisters, or Irish Trilogies for me. 4 stars

One thought on “Stars of Fortune- Nora Roberts

  1. I LOVE Nora & I have almost every book she has written. I would read each book as fast as possible and could not wait until her next book would be available! However, it seems like I have read this same book over and over and over again. Sadly, it seems like a recycled plot with only the names of the characters & the locations changed..I bought this book as soon as it was available but struggled to read it to the halfway point and I just simply could not read anymore of it and put it on the shelf and promptly forgot about it. I was so disappointed in it that I struggled to find any interest in all the books written since this one because they ALL seem to be the same old recycled plots. Then, the other day I was in a store and saw a book that turned out to be the last book in this trilogy. I had actually forgotten about this book/series so I thought that I would dig it out and give it another go….Unfortunately, it’s no better trying to read it now than it was the first time.


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