Christmas Cookies- Hallmark Movie Review and Challenge


Perhaps the Hallmark Christmas Movie most hazardous to your diet this year, “Christmas Cookies” is a slight veer from the predictability that usually arises when a corporate suit descends upon a small town.  The always-beautiful Jill Wagner makes this one more believable and more watchable than you might expect.

The Story-

The town of Cookie Jar (yes, I already want to go) has been a long-standing Christmas destination, due to its most famous export: Aunt Sally’s Christmas Cookies.  Even Hannah, our heroine and corporate climber, visited as a child.  Of course, she has been sent by her corporation to negotiate the terms of the sale of Aunt Sally’s after the death of the founder.  And after they buy the company, they want to move production to Buffalo, leaving the town of Cookie Jar without its namesake cookies. Jake is the man who has inherited Aunt Sally’s, so Hannah must convince him to sign the contracts.  Bet you can’t guess what happens…

My Thoughts-

I was surprised by how much I liked Hannah as portrayed by Jill Wagner. She isn’t the typical corporate suit who hates Christmas and needs to see the spirit of the season etc. Hannah is already a good person: funny, loving, sarcastic, good with kids.  Of course, Jake likes her.  Now, being in the town of Cookie Jar does remind her of how much she likes to eat cookies, and just a side note— if Wagner eats cookies like she does in this movie and still looks the way she does, life just isn’t fair. Please let her normally eat salads, Lord!  Stepping out of my jealousy and getting back to the story- the blossoming relationship is believable, and the cookies look amazing.

Christmas Satisfaction-

Cookie Jar is a Christmas lover’s dream. What is it with these small Christmas towns in movies this year? Why can’t I visit one? Are any for real? Anyway, there’s the obvious cookies in the title… over and over and over again.  There are sled races and snowmen, presents and big family dinners. Lots of Christmas spirit here.

Bottom Line-

I seriously had to stop watching the movie and make Christmas cookies.  The ending was a bit trite and tied up with a ridiculous “realization”, but I would watch this one again if it happened to come on while I was cooking or cleaning.  And then I would have to make more cookies. When is it showing again…? 4 stars


Movie #5 down! Anyone have a new favorite yet?


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