Erin Kelly is an English Literature and Fine Arts teacher in Louisiana, but her heart is often adrift overseas.  An avid traveler, Erin loves to visit the settings of her favorite books and artwork.  As much as she loves getting lost in the beauty of our world, the worlds she visits through books have always been her escape at the end of a long day. Why coffee and wine? Well, it all started with a 6 word memoir project that she was teaching to her students.  “Coffee and wine bookend my days” became her 6 word memoir and inspired the perfect title for her new book blog.

Erin also has an extensive background in radio and podcasting, which she will be putting to use very soon on this blog. Stay tuned for a brand-new romance book podcast. If you are interesting in being a guest on the show or have a suggestion for a show topic, please contact or email!

Review Policy

I will consider all review requests. This does not guarantee that the request will be accepted; I do reserve the right to refuse the request. Please email your request by using the contact form on the website or send the request directly at coffeeandwinebookblog@gmail.com. I will let you know if I will be reviewing your book within a week. Please allow adequate time to finish the book before release.

I do review via NetGalley and accept mobi files.

I review romance and all of its sub genres, but historical and paranormal are my favorites. I will consider other genres on a case by case scenario.

I am available to host giveaways, author interviews, character interviews, guest posts and other events. I post reviews on my blog and Goodreads, and Amazon (when they allow us.) I can accept both print and eBooks. I will accept self-published books at this time.
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