My Christmas Dream- Hallmark Movie Review and Challenge

Summer Intern

We are clicking right along with our Countdown to Christmas movies from Hallmark, and the most recent offering stars an old favorite: Danica McKellar.  Once again, I get to revisit my childhood via Hallmark movie by seeing Winnie Cooper finally find love. (Poor Kevin!) My Christmas Dream is a very innocuous/bland title for a slightly better-than-average Hallmark Christmas Movie.

The Story-

Christina is a store manager for a large department store, which was founded by Deidre Hall. Or her character. You get the picture. What’s important, is that the boss is played by Deidre Hall, having a blast, getting paid, and chewing the scenery. Oh Marlena! Anyway, Christina has always had dreams of living in Paris and, lo and behold, a job is opening up in Paris if only she impresses her boss with an enormous annual Christmas display.  Kurt is a painter who gets fired in a roundabout way by Christina because he accidentally spills paint on her.  Enter cute kid with wish for his dad to be happy. Guess who his dad is?

My Thoughts-

Danica was perfectly serviceable here, but nothing too impressive. The minority best friend is the worst I’ve ever seen in one of these movies.  Like, she made Danica look uncomfortable trying to act with her.  But, there was a shining star. Well, actually two. First David Haydn-Jones, who played Kurt, is perfectly natural, affable, and charming.  I totally believed his situation, his relationship with his mom, and even his relationship with the overly cutesy kid. The other standout performance was from Bruce Dawson as Henry, the boss’s old flame.  He made a small part very poignant and added some much-needed truth to this movie. Deidre Hall was perfectly over the top.

Christmas Satisfaction-

Ehhh. We have the whole “you don’t know what Christmas really is, so we’re gonna show you” storyline which mainly features the kid and decorating and eating.  Christina works with Kurt to create a Christmas display in order to win the job, but also has to discover Christmas spirit in the process. Other than that, there’s nothing especially Christmassy to recommend this one.

The Bottom Line-

This was more of a work/love story with a Christmas overlay and a saccharine kid.  Haydn-Jones makes this watchable, and I might would watch it again, just to swoon over him.  Danica McKeller is always pretty good in these, and this was no different. But, if you are looking for something to really put you in the Christmas spirit, I’m not sure this would be the movie to do it.  3 stars


This was movie #8, and fatigue is beginning to set in. I’m going to need something pretty good, and soon, in order to keep my momentum up.  There have been a few too many blah movies in a row. I’m tempted to watch one of the really good ones from last year just to boost my spirits…

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