Dragon Heartstring – Juliette Cross

Juliette Cross is one of my favorite authors, so I am very excited to be a part of her blog tour for this new release!

Dragon Heartstring is a long novella set between the Soulfire novellas and Cross’s full-length series which begins with, “Waking the Dragon.” These books are all set in the world of Morgons, a half-human, half-dragon race which is only just beginning to be fully assimilated with humans.  Since I first read “Soulfire”, I have been captivated by these Morgon men who have a dragon “lurking” within which chooses their mate.  This is the first of the Morgon books to feature a human man, and let me tell you, it was not a disappointment. 

The Story-

Demetrious Cade is a powerful man whose sister, against their father’s wishes, fell in love with and married a Morgon.  For a long time, he shared his father’s reticence about the race, but his nephew and a new acquaintance have begun to make him question these long-held beliefs. Shakara Icewing is a healer, both to humans and Morgons, who does not expect to be swept off her feet, especially by a human man.

My Thoughts- 

Cross has done such an amazing job of world-building that each time I pick up a Morgon book, I know exactly where I am and fall back into the pace of that world. Demetrious is one of the characters that has always been around, but I never quite figured out how his drastic change occurred.  This book answered every question, and more.  I love the parallels and social tone of this book that Cross brings in without being political or offensive–only thought-provoking.  Demetrious is every bit as intriguing as the Morgon men, if not more, because he is starting a new life with a new way of thinking because of this woman. Isn’t that the ultimate fantasy: for a man to change his whole world for you? 

The Good- 

The plot is fast paced, while not being rushed.  Demetrious is oh-so-yummy, and while we get more character development for Demetrious than Shakara, she is still a wonderful heroine that is easy to identify with. The new tidbits of world- building only make me desperate for the next full-length book in the “Waking the Dragon” series.  I’ve always loved Cross’s writing, and she doesn’t let me down here. This is excellent fantasy that is deeper than it seems at first, but is equally a fun, steamy read.  I particularly loved the bonding of this new couple- you have to read it to know what I am talking about.

The Bottom Line-

If you haven’t read the other Morgon books first, I suggest starting with “Soulfire” because it gives a great base for this one. Then, after you read this one, you will be hooked and you can move on to the others and be dying for the next full-length book like I am. 5 stars

Buy it now on Amazon!


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