Sweetly, Deeply, Absolutely- Kira Archer

“Sweetly, Deeply, Absolutely” is book 3 in the Sweet Love series by Kira Archer.  The books are set in and around a bakery, and if there is anything I love as much as romance, it may be cooking.  Plus, isn’t the cover so fun and pretty? 

The Story-

Jenny is home from Paris on a break from culinary school for the summer and will be helping to run her friend’s bakery while the owners are on their honeymoon.  Jenny has always been a bit of a wild card, and while she gives lip service to laying low this summer, almost immediately she meets a hottie that makes her want to revert to her old ways.  Jared is also a player, and when his best friend’s kid sister comes back to town to work in very close proximity to him, it will be a challenge to resist the temptation she presents. 

My Thoughts-

Both of these people are a little too young and haphazard for my taste. I felt like I was reading about the hot people from high school who finally get scared enough to face reality because of a hook-up.  I had some trouble identifying with the main character because she was so confident and a bit judgmental toward the hero.  I liked the secondary characters, which makes me think that I might like the rest of the series better than I liked this one.  

The Good-

This was a fun read that provided a nice weekend break.  I especially enjoyed all the scenes having to do with the bakery and the sweets.  The writing was good, and the plot clicked along well.  

The Bottom Line-

While I didn’t particularly connect with the characters, I liked the setting of the bakery and will be trying out at least one more book from this series.  Perhaps this is more geared to someone in their early twenties. As a mom who has been married for over 15 years, the problems just made me feel like an older sister who wanted to sit the heroine down and give her advice. 3 ½ stars

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