Broadcasting Christmas- Hallmark Movie Review and Challenge


“Broadcasting Christmas” is the next Hallmark Christmas movie up for review! Something about my childhood predisposes me to love Dean Cain, and I know that I am not alone in my feelings that he defined Superman for me at a young age. Until Tom Welling could steal my heart. Speaking of, when will we see Tom Welling in one of these movies? Hallmark: if you are listening- I could use some Tom Welling in my Christmas movies. Just saying. Anyway, back to the task at hand: Broadcasting Christmas. After a short run of unimpressive new movies, this one brought back the magic that is the Hallmark Christmas Movie.

The Story:

Charlie is a news anchor that won the job over his ex-flame, Emily, who is now stuck in small-town suburbia doing wacky, personal interest stories. Jackee plays a Hoda/Kathy Lee-type morning show host who needs a new co-host, and Charlie will be up for the job, along with a bitchy Martha Stewart type and a baseball player (?). When Emily catches wind of the job, she goes viral by proclaiming on the news that she deserves a shot.  And it works. So, now these exes will compete against each other, and, of course, rediscover old feelings in the process.

My Thoughts:

Dean Cain and Melissa Joan Hart are old pros, and it shows in the level of acting in this movie.  It was refreshing after some of the other movies from this season.  I was pulled into their story and really enjoyed their competition.  The romance isn’t quite as well-developed as it sometimes is, but the plot itself is stronger, so I wasn’t disappointed.  Also, I guess since the romance is based on an old relationship, it doesn’t need to be as developed as a new one.  I loved Jackee in this role; it was absolutely perfect for her.

Christmas Satisfaction:

Although this is billed as a Christmas movie, the Christmas connection is a little forced.  The stories they broadcast are connected to Christmas, but that is about it.  We have some tree-lighting, music, etc. but no Christmas wishes or anything that is integral to the plot. If you are in need of a movie to get you in the Christmas spirit, you should probably look elsewhere.

The Bottom Line:

This is a good TV movie with good, reliable actors that tell a fun story.  It is certainly worth watching and is much better than some of the offerings from Hallmark this season, but isn’t the most Christmasy or heart-warming. 4 stars


Thanksgiving did me in on the Christmas movie overload, and I am still catching up. I have 4 more movies that I have watched, but haven’t reviewed yet. Stay tuned!

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