Drakon’s Promise- N.J. Walters

“Drakon’s Promise” is the first book in the Blood of the Drakon Series by N.J. Walters, and was my first book by the author as well. (Searching through her back list now…) It is a great beginning to a series AND it was my first paranormal/fantasy in a little while, so I really enjoyed being swept away to a different world with mystery and intrigue.

The Story-

Sarah is a research librarian in a new job that happens to be an introvert’s dream: poring over old books, alone, for hours on end. Can that be my second job when I retire from teaching? She also has a unique gift with items, especially books, which enables her to envision their past.  When she stumbles onto a mysterious conversation that threatens a man and finds an evil book which holds secrets that could destroy this man, an intense chase is on. Darius Varkas is the man in question, and when Sarah shows up to warn him, his protective instinct kicks in like never before. 

My Thoughts-

This was an exceptionally quick read for me: I was immediately sucked in and along for the ride.  This book does what I enjoy best about paranormal/fantasies; it transports me to another world by great characters with high stakes and high interest. Darius is an intense alpha-male and a no-nonsense attitude that gets straight to business. Sexy business.  Sarah was easy for me to identify with, and I liked her immensely. She is one of those heroines that you can easily put yourself in the shoes of, instead of going “what are you thinking, girl?!” or “quit the second-guessing!” She is refreshingly real and likeable, even in crazy situations

The Bottom Line-

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but this is a dragon-shifter book, and the mythology and handling of that feature is seamless. If you like your paranormals or fantasies with an edge of danger, high intensity, and a sexy alpha, this is a great pick. It honestly read a little like one of Nora Roberts’s paranormals (and I love those). I will be reading the rest in the series, especially since I can’t wait to read more about Darius’s brothers. (Didn’t I mention his hot brothers?) 5 stars

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