Drakon’s Prey- N.J. Walters


Second books in paranormal series can be difficult. The first book often has all of this interesting world-building and the introduction of the “big bad” to make it exciting. That was certainly the case with this series. I loved the first book, and I feel that it is absolutely necessary to enjoying this one at all. I’ll explain:

The Story-
Picking up where we left off in book 1, Valeriya, the sister of the big bad, has pocketed a secret address to the hideaway of a drakon (dragon-shifter). She heads there, of course being tracked by sis’s men, then gets kidnapped/stowed away by Tarrant, a drakon we met in the first book. He keeps her. They have insta-sex. Bad guys try to find her.

My Thoughts-
If I didn’t love this author’s characters and world so much, this one would have been difficult to get through. But, I do want to know what happens to the drakons and how they will eventually defeat the bad guys. My biggest issue was that the plot didn’t feel like it moved forward overall. It felt more like a chess move: Valeriya to the drakon’s side of the board. The sex was hot, and Tarrant is a true Alpha-male that keeps it interesting. But, nothing happens! It’s like a snowed-in trope without the witty banter and self-revealing that usually comes before the sex and love.

The Bottom Line:
I will read the third book in this series and hope that the action picks back up. If you read the first book, this is a natural progression, and you will probably enjoy it enough to give it a read to continue the series. If you want to read a “stuck-together so they have sex and fall in love” book with heat, this one will also fit that bill. 3 stars

Dragon In the Blood- Juliette Cross


Dragon in the Blood is the second book in the Vale of Stars Series by Juliette Cross, but is the 5th book which is set in the world of Morgons (part dragons). It continues a mystery built in the last book, but stands alone as a great romance story.

The Story- Valla and Conn are members of the Morgon Guard who have been tasked with tracking down the Blood King and his followers. As they traverse the dangerous terrain of the Aria region, they become closer which brings about a different kind of danger.

The Good- I feel like this book really delves into the Morgon world, giving mythology, new regions, new creatures, and more details than any set in this world to this point. I liked the different perspective of two Morgons mating because it introduces us to the mind and nature of a Morgon woman. Independent without being sassy and over-confident, Valla is a wonderful heroine. I also especially enjoyed the new character of the Priestess; her POV chapters were some of my favorite in the book. I cannot wait to see what she will do in the future. I also love the variety of locations and the map in the back to help me track the journey. I almost wish for a list of the Morgon “clans” with their special powers and region just so I can get a better handle on this world. It is so immersive, and Cross has created a vast world to write from.

The Bottom Line-While this is a very good love story in its own right, I think you should definitely read Waking the Dragon first in order to set up the over-arching mystery. The three novellas in this world are great companion pieces, but not required. I give this book 4 1/2 stars.