Risking the Vine- Gemma Brocato


As a total sucker for anything wine related, I was really looking forward to this book. Who wouldn’t want to spend a week at a vineyard?!? Add in a hot guy, and you have a pretty fun set up.

The Premise: Our heroine is spending a week at a vineyard for a “team building” retreat. Hot guy that she happens to know is also there and, coincidentally, they are the only ones without teams to actually build, so they must “build” together. Or something.


My thoughts: I loved the idea of this book, but felt that everything fell into place a little too easily for our couple. Also, why on earth would her boss send her alone to a team building retreat? Some of the early conflicts felt a little rushed, especially having our hero exit the retreat early. (More Luca!)

The Good: The love scenes were hot and imaginative. I liked both of the main characters: none of this whiny, simpering stuff, just two people with good heads on their shoulders trying to figure out life. The scenery and set up is transporting and makes you want to be chilling on a back porch somewhere, having a glass of wine.

The Bottom Line: While I can’t give this book a full 4 stars because of some of the distractions and too easy story line, it is a solid 3 1/2 and was a fun read.
I enjoyed this little “wine break”, and look forward to more from this author.

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