Wild Irish Heart- Tricia O’Malley


“Wild Irish Heart” is the first book in the Mystic Cove Series by Tricia O’Malley.  In this story, she brings us to Ireland and introduces us to an ancient magic which binds the women of Grace’s Cove to each other and to the amazing landscape.

The Story-  A mysterious book stating “it is time” forces Keelin to face her past and accept a new future in Ireland.  Seriously, Keelin has the set-up with a cottage that has a view of the ocean and a glorious cove to explore.  The townspeople are suspicious, due to her family’s heritage, but she meets a hot guy within the first couple of minutes.  Flynn just happens to be rich, beautiful, and there to rescue Keelin again and again.

My Thoughts- Despite some overused tropes (girl and guy don’t like each other initially), I was drawn into this world and story very quickly.  I wanted to be Keelin, starting a new life in Ireland, making new friends at the local pub, and, of course, hanging out with the hottie. Some conflicts were resolved too quickly with an easy, “I’m sorry”, but the pacing and interest of the story never let up.

The Bottom Line- I intend to continue with this series as I am interested in what happens to Keelin and the other women of Grace’s Cove.  There was just enough supernatural mixed in with wonderful descriptions of Ireland to keep me happy.  This was a short, easy, fun read that brought a nice little bright spot to my week. 4 stars

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