All of My Heart- Hallmark Movie Review


Ready to continue with my reviews of fall-themed Hallmark Movies, I settled in for this little gem last night.  “All of My Heart” stars the adorable Hallmark favorite, Lacey Chabert, and Brennan Elliot, who I had only ever seen as a “bad guy” in previous movies.

The Story– Jenny thinks she is getting engaged, but her douche-bag boyfriend is just celebrating a big promotion. I don’t know why she wants to marry him as he looks like a less-appealing George McFly from “Back to the Future”, but continuing on… Then she finds out that she has somehow inherited half of a big house in the sticks. The other half belongs to a stock broker, Brian.  Jenny wants to put her amazing cooking skills to work and open a B&B, and Brian just wants to sell—until he tries her baking and helps give birth to baby goats and really sucks at carpentry. Creepy boyfriend comes back to make things uncomfortable, and I won’t spoil the rest.

Season Satisfaction-While this isn’t given a fall title, it did a pretty good job of making me wish for that lovely season.  Some great sweaters, plenty of coffee, even a nice snuggle under an afghan on a swing are present to put us in the fall mood. Guess what though? It was a February/Valentine’s Day release back in 2015 when it debuted. Shocking! No hearts or candy or roses in sight! So, while it wasn’t necessarily meant for fall, I’m going to pretend it was.

The Bottom Line-So much better than usual offerings! I really liked this one. As I said before, I had only seen Elliot playing the bad guy in previous movies, and he grew to be so lovable in this. He is a much better actor than the parts he normally gets. And Lacey Chabert was amazing as usual. It is so easy to believe that any guy would fall in love with her, but she is also like the best friend I wish I had. Especially if she cooked for me like she does in the movie… The movie is set to repeat toward the end of September, and I suggest you check it out. It is like a mug of something warm. 5 stars.

Autumn Dreams- Hallmark Movie Review


Tis (almost) almost the season for fall-themed movies from the Hallmark Channel. Since I love autumn and all things related, I get pretty excited when these start popping up. So, when an aptly-titled “Autumn Dreams” showed up on my DVR amid the summer love movies this weekend, I couldn’t resist the temptation to burn my pumpkin caramel candle and pretend it wasn’t 90 degrees outside. Yes, I know that this isn’t a new offering from Hallmark; the movie premiered last year as part of their fall line-up, but it is new to me. Let’s get to it!

The Story– Annie and Ben are childhood sweethearts who elope at 18 and 19.  Unfortunately, Annie’s father shows up immediately following the ceremony and convinces them (a little too easily for my taste) that they are too young and that the marriage must be annulled. Fast-forward 15 years, and Annie is a farmer who is set to marry her (boring) farm hand when she receives a court summons for divorce proceedings. What?! They were married all this time! Annie must travel to New York City to appear in court to settle this craziness. In the meantime, she is introduced to Ben’s materialistic wife-to-be (who wants to toss his piano, GASP), his limo driver with a heart of gold, and his hilarious lawyer. Oh, and Ben and Annie reconnect because she reminds him of where he came from, and he is crazy hot and rich. I’ll let you figure out the end.

Season Satisfaction- Since this is supposed to be a fall movie, I thought it might be fun to judge it on how well it fits the whole season motif. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Aside from a few farming scenes and some pumpkins and leaves at a harvest dance in the end, there is nothing that says “autumn” or “fall” to me. Even the Central Park scenes were green, and there wasn’t a fashionable scarf or cup of hot cider in sight. Now, if we look at the title of the movie, it DOES say Autumn DREAMS. So, maybe we are supposed to be dreaming of autumn? Maybe this is really a summer movie in disguise… You shouldn’t tease me like that, Hallmark Channel.

The Bottom Line-Beautiful people falling in love? Yep, I am in. The actors, including the secondary characters, are better than average. The story, though predictable, was not boring or as contrived as some in this genre. There wasn’t anything especially interesting, but for what it was, it was well-done. I give it 4 stars for simple watch-ability, even though it didn’t really spark my dreams of autumn.