Millionaire Makeover- Naima Simone

“Millionaire Makeover” is my first book by Naima Simone, and it will definitely not be my last. Right up front: this is not a typical millionaire book.  And for me, that’s a good thing. For some reason, the trope of some prick rich guy falling for his secretary doesn’t really speak to me (Pride and Prejudice notwithstanding).  The fact that the guy has money is not really integral to the plot; in fact, this is really more of a second chance romance. 

The Story-

When Niall’s best friend and practically brother died, he had a one-night stand with BFF’s younger sister.  It was everything, but when he woke in the morning, he found a letter from dead BFF asking him to take care of her and help her find a guy “worthy” of her.  Since he feels that he is definitely NOT that worthy guy, he backs off and leaves her.  Fast-forward a few years, and Khloe has a good job and a crush on her boss.  When her best friend suggests making her appear more desirable by taking a hot date from a bachelor auction to an upcoming function, Khloe reluctantly agrees.  Of course, the bachelors are masked, so she doesn’t realize that she is, in fact, bidding on Niall.

My Thoughts-

My favorite thing about this book is how much Niall appreciates Khloe for who she is.  He has no desire to change her; he worships her curves. He daydreams about all the naughty things that he wants to do to her. He showers her with gifts.  I also love how normal Khloe is.  She doesn’t normally dress up for work, preferring comfy, loose clothing (hello Lularoe!) and is generally laid-back.  Khloe’s “makeover” is not about changing who she is because Niall is all about who she is.  It’s more about pampering her and making her feel special. Who doesn’t want that?  The romance was perfectly built with so many hot moments before they even got it on.  And OMG, this book made me cry. Sentimental sigh. I did not expect to have so many feels from a “millionaire” book. 

The Bottom Line-

This is a wonderful contemporary.  I will be reading more from Ms. Simone very soon. She has hooked me into her millionaire books, at least, and who knows? Maybe I judged the genre too quickly. Either way, this receives a sentimental 5 stars from me and a great big smile/sigh. 

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