Rough and Tumble- Rhenna Morgan 

Contemporary isn’t normally my jam. I like my romance to let me escape to another world or another time, but let me tell you: if Rough and Tumble represents now, I want to stay.   Ms. Morgan has previously been a fantasy fave of mine, but in this new series, her writing, her characters, and her heat level hit a new ballpark altogether.
The Story-

Vivienne has always helped her sister out of bad decisions. In fact, her sister’s bad decisions have informed how she lives her life: clean and safe.  When she meets Jace while saving her sister from yet another drunken scrape, he is anything but clean and safe. He is a rough alpha that immediately tempts her to let her wild side loose.
My Thoughts-

Jace is everything. He is the perfect blend of alpha: protective, directive, but aims to please in only the best way. Things that would sound cocky or annoying coming out of most character’s mouths just sound sexy when Jace says them. I melted my way through this book, reading and rereading chapters. Viv is totally relatable, with a great dog and a funky room that I wish I had in my own house. The Haven Brothers (just wait!) are each special in their own way, and I think Ms. Morgan decided to create a series based on the various fantasies of women. We have a cowboy, a doctor, a brooding security guy, a hot nerd, and a Scot. I think that about covers it, right ladies? I am personally most excited about the hot nerd, Knox, and the Scot. What can I say? I have a weakness for plaid… Either way, this book is the perfect introduction to what I believe will be an amazing series.
Bottom Line-

This book is special. Like 5 stars, life-changing, special. I will read it again, and I can’t wait to hear what they do with the audio book. If Jace sounds as hot as he is in this book, that is gonna be totally worth it. If you like contemporary, this is such a no-brainer. If you don’t, this book may just convert you. Warning: it is so hot. Don’t get me wrong; there is a definite love story, and it is not just sex, but Jace makes it hot as hell even when they are just chit-chatting.  Yes, I am raving, but if this book doesn’t get nominated for some stuff this year, I will be shocked. It’s that good. 5 very strong, shiny gold stars!


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