Claim and Protect- Rhenna Morgan


The main reason I am not the biggest fan of contemporaries is because real life creeps in, and I read for escape. Well, somehow Morgan has won me over to her style of contemporary romance by making the men so amazing, you wish you met them in real life. Book 3 of The Haven Brotherhood not only holds up the crazy high bar set by the first two in the series, but even surpasses the previous ones. The reason? This hero, y’all.

The Story-
Trevor runs a bar, and when his new employee, Natalie, runs into some trouble with her ex, his protective instinct kicks in.

My Thoughts-
Normally, I’m not a huge fan of divorce politics in my romance, but this ex is so yuck, and Trevor is so yum that I thoroughly enjoyed the story. And all the stuff with her little boy and Trevor…swoon. Trevor is just the perfect southern gentleman cowboy with all kinds of sexiness and Alpha simmering under the surface. Natalie is extremely sympathetic and likable, and it is so nice to see her get her happy ending. Can we talk about the sex? OMG. I honestly don’t know how Ms. Morgan does it. Actually, Rhenna, I feel like we should be on a first name basis after reading your sexy scenes. Rhenna, how do you come up with new ways to raise the heat level without ever crossing the line into uncomfortable territory?

The Bottom Line-
Read this book. Read the whole series. These are IMO the best contemporary romance books out there right now, and I believe they will be winning some awards. 5 stars

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