With this Christmas Ring- Manda Collins


I have read Manda Collins before, but was delighted to have a chance to read her Christmas novella. Honestly, this reads more like a novel. The characters are well-developed; the story doesn’t feel shortened or like there was anything left out. It is a perfect historical read for this time of year.


The Story-

Merry made a promise to keep the dying wish of her friend to return her baby to its father. The problem is, the father is cousins with the man she jilted years ago, but still loves. Alex could never understand why Merry ended their engagement, but now that she has come back into his life, he doesn’t intend on letting her get away again,


My Thoughts-

I was a little concerned that the baby plot would make this too sweet for me, but it really didn’t. The Christmas setting was just enough to put me in the holiday spirit without feeling like I overdosed on gingerbread. What surprised me here was how well the characters are developed and how complete the plot felt in a shorter book. Motivations all made sense; there were even great secondary characters rounding out the story. Pacing was great, and it left me with a happy little sigh.


The Bottom Line-

If you enjoy historical romance and want an easy read with a lovely Christmas setting, this is the perfect book for you. The baby stuff is not overdone, so if you aren’t a kid person, don’t be put off. This has enough heat, sweet, and mistletoe to make you smile this season. 4 stars


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