The Importance of Being Scandalous – Kimberly Bell

​I have previously read Kimberly Bell and was pleasantly surprised by her shockingly forward heroine in “A Dangerous Damsel”. Well, Bell has surpassed herself in this new historical in every way, and I am giddy with excitement to see this author burst onto the scene with such a strong offering. 

The Story-
Nicholas is home from sowing his wild oats, trying to forget about the “unsuitable” girl next door to whom he has written daily letters for most of his life. Sigh. And now she is engaged. Add to his troubles a declining father, his own “misplaced” ambition, and an unclear path for his life. Amelia’s life has mostly been dictated by her sister’s unfortunate birth defect due to society’s backward notions. When a legit suitor proposes marriage, it appears to be her best option until her best friend comes back into her life. And the “legit suitor” shows his true colors. Now she has to see exactly what kind of scandal it will take to be free of the engagement.

My Thoughts-
Just like my first Bell book, I LOVED the females. These sisters’ interactions remind me of me and my sister, and I loved their wit and sarcasm. Nicholas and Jasper are excellent foils for the girls (JASPER! Swoon). Somehow, Bell has created truly fresh characters in a familiar setting with these four. Even the secondary characters are wonderful: Jasper’s sister, Amelia’s father, the list goes on. The plot caught me from the beginning, and at a certain point, I was not putting the book down until I was done. Just couldn’t stop reading.   The “how to lose a guy” trope felt fresh as it was approached in a completely new way, and the sexy scenes are both hot as fire and sweet and sigh-worthy.

The Bottom Line-
This is an excellent historical that is going to win many fans for Ms. Bell. I can’t wait to read book two and wish that there were more in the series. 5 stars!

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